Wednesday, June 15, 2011

Freddie Gibbs speaks on Young Jeezy and "Cold Day in Hell" mixtape

By The Hip Hop Writer
Hip Hop Vibe Staff Writer

Earlier this year, Freddie Gibbs signed with CTE, Young Jeezy's record label. For the first half of the year, Freddie Gibbs has been traveling and recording with Young Jeezy. As a result of them spending so much time together, the two have become close friends.

Recently, Freddie Gibbs discussed his relationship with his new boss. On his time with Young Jeezy, Freddie Gibbs said it has been cool being right beside him. The main thing Freddie Gibbs likes about being with Young Jeezy is the freedom. He is still allowed to do what he wants, despite being signed.

While he is working on his Cold Day in Hell mixtape, Gibbs said the focus of the crew is Thug Motivation 103. After three years, Young Jeezy is finally ready to release his fourth studio album. But, while they wait for an official release date from Def Jam, Freddie Gibbs has been working on his mixtape, retaining full creative control.

Freddie Gibbs said he will release his mixtape when he, not Young Jeezy and CTE, is ready to.


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