Saturday, June 25, 2011

Havoc talks new 50 Cent LP

By The Hip Hop Writer
Hip Hop Vibe Staff Writer

Last week, 50 Cent released "Outlaw," the first single from his untitled upcoming album. 50 Cent is in the middle of re-arranging all of his business affairs. After spending most of his career with Interscope Records, 50 Cent moved his G-Unit label to EMI Records and he is considering leaving.

50 Cent has credited Interscope Records as the source of many of his recent issues both selling records and losing artists. The album he is working on is the last in his contract. In 2005, 50 added Mobb Deep to the G-Unit label. Two years ago, he was forced by Interscope Records to drop them.

With 50 Cent considering leaving Interscope Records, Havoc and Prodigy have been circling 50. Both have said Mobb Deep may end up returning to G-Unit Records. Havoc is providing production work for the upcoming album and Prodigy is also working with 50 Cent. Together, the duo has heard 50 Cent's entire new album.

Havoc said it should not come as a surprise of how good it sounds. With all of them being Queens guys, they appreciate the album having the Queens sound.


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