Saturday, July 9, 2011

50 Cent and Shawty Lo talk G-Unit/D4L deal

By The Hip Hop Writer
Hip Hop Vibe Staff Writer

The previous attempts to expand G-Unit Records failed, but recently 50 Cent has been on a roll. Aside from the new artists he has signed, 50 Cent has signed an entire label. This is what he envisioned, years ago, when he signed with Interscope Records.

50 Cent initially wanted the artists signed to G-Unit to create their own record labels under the G-Unit umbrella. In 2006, 50 Cent and Young Buck attempted to create the G-Unit South extension, but Jimmy Iovine blocked this move because G-Unit's name was licensed under the Interscope Records name.

Following the issues with Interscope Records, 50 Cent and Young Buck soon took their feud public and the progress was lost. Five years later, 50 Cent was able to sign Shawty Lo and his entire D4L Records. Now, the G-Unit Records expansion can begin. Earlier today, 50 Cent and Shawty Lo discussed the terms of their deal. Shawty Lo said the record deal was worth over $10 million. Through this deal with G-Unit, Shawty Lo can sign rappers and other artists.

50 Cent said their new venture was funded by private investors, but Shawty Lo has 100% creative control when it comes to his music and everything in the South. But, outside of the South, 50 Cent has 100% control and will run things as he sees fit.


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