Wednesday, July 27, 2011

50 Cent ends "Black Magic" album, may leak Dr. Dre-assisted single

By The Hip Hop Writer
Hip Hop Vibe Staff Writer

On the heels of the release of Before I Self Destruct, 50 Cent announced he was working on the follow-up album. During the summer of 2010, 50 Cent announced he was going to release a new album. Before the end of the summer, he named the album Black Magic.

At the time, it seemed as if 50 Cent was going to join his label at EMI Records. However, 50 Cent still had obligations to Interscope Records. Because of this, 50 is working on a final album to give Interscope. While trying to get his album, Interscope Records has given him problems.

Recently, 50 Cent announced he was not going to release another album. 50 Cent apologized to his fans, but he said his label, Interscope, has dropped the ball on his projects too many times before. While he will no longer release solo albums, 50 Cent said he will appear on records from other artists.

Despite not having an album coming, 50 Cent said he is going to release his "Psycho" single. 50 Cent said the song will be released tomorrow at 2:00 pm. Angry, 50 Cent said the single does not need any promotion, since Interscope always messes up when it comes to his projects, anyway.


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