Friday, July 8, 2011

DJ Whoo Kid touring in Indonesia and China

By The Hip Hop Writer
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DJ Whoo Kid is headlining the "Catch Me If You Can" club tour.

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DJ Whoo Kid has been working with a few UK artists as of late, and has featured a number of exclusive collaborations on!

His latest endeavor with UK Grime pioneer Wiley on their mixtape Creating a Buzz Vol. 1! You can download the project on by clicking here:

This weekend (July 8 and 9), Whoo Kid is hitting up Blowfish in Jakarta, Indonesia, followed by Club Hyde in Hong Kong.

Here are Whoo Kid's "Catch Me if You Can" summer club tour dates for June and July.

More for August TBA.

July 8 - Jakarta, Indonesia @ Blowfish

July 9 - Hong Kong, China @ Club Hyde

July 13 - Istanbul, Turkey w/ 50 Cent

July 15 - Agadir, Morocco @ Actors Nightclub

July 16 - Casablanca, Morocco w/ 50 Cent

July 19 - Cannes Film Festival

July 28 - Belfast, Ireland @ Thompson's

July 29 - Dublin, Ireland @ The Good Bits

July 30 - Dublin, Ireland w/ 50 Cent
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