Tuesday, July 19, 2011

Fat Joe has no issue with "Big Pun Back"

By The Hip Hop Writer
Hip Hop Vibe Staff Writer

Before the summer, Meek Mill and Rick Ross paid homage to one of the biggest rap figures of all-time, Tupac Shakur. Their song is currently one of the biggest hits, "Tupac Back." The song prompted many other rappers to pay homage to the deceased.

Among the most-discussed was "Big Pun Back" by Joell Ortiz, who previously called himself "the new Puerto Rico guy." His version of the song led to Big Pun's family and friends to call him out over the song.

One of the reasons Cuban Link found the song offensive was because it paid homage to Fat Joe. For years, Cuban Link has had issues with Joe. However, Fat Joe saw nothing wrong with the song, he likes it.

Fat Joe said all of the people who have gotten upset over "Big Pun Back" are fucking idiots. Joe said if Joell is not angry over the backlash, he will be angry for him. Fat Joe thought the song was incredible and he respected it for giving credit. Never before had Fat Joe seen anyone come under fire for giving credit to someone.

Continuing his rant, Fat Joe went on to say Big Pun was surrounded by idiots. He said it is crazy both the way he has been treated over the past few years and the backlash a younger Spanish artist has received for paying homage to Big Pun.


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