Wednesday, August 3, 2011

DMX talks New Album, "Redemption of the Beast"

By The Hip Hop Writer
Hip Hop Vibe Staff Writer

DMX has been in and out jail for the past three years. Before he went to jail, back in 2008, DMX was working on a comeback album. After spending his entire career with Def Jam, DMX left while Jay-Z was president of the label for Columbia Records.

In 2006, DMX released his most recent album, Year of the Dog... Again on Columbia Records. Initially, DMX intended to release his next album in 2007. However, following frequent delays, X left Columbia Records.

Finally free from the jail cells and label contracts, DMX is working with Swizz Beatz on new music. DMX wants to have his album released before the end of 2011. Warning fans of his return, X said most of the rappers out are wack.

Despite being forty years old, DMX says he has the energy he had when he put out his debut album. X said he has been in and out of the studio, working on new music. On this new album, DMX said he is getting his style back on track. DMX said he is bringing lyricism back to the game and he will be putting hip hop back to where it belongs.


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