Monday, August 15, 2011

First Amendment Entertainment is changing the Hip Hop Game

By The Voice
Hip Hop Vibe Staff Writer

If posed the question, "Which record label is the fastest-growing in the world?," a person may suggest Universal or Interscope Records. Each time a music video is playing, it seems as if the artist is signed to one of those labels. Even with the rise of independent labels, many still are underestimating their power.

Bernard "Mr. Tiger AK" Smith, Jr. recognized this and decided to take advantage of it. In January of 2010, a little over one year ago, he launched First Amendment Entertainment. Before the second anniversary, the label is one of the biggest, and is the fastest-growing record label in the world.

With artists such as Yung Prada, who also serves as the A&R for the label, First Amendment Entertainment is definitely living up to its name. Mr. Tiger AK has always had a keen sense of talent and has always shown a knack for business. Late in 2009, he decided it was time to bridge his passions and one year later, he is among the most well-connected men in the entertainment industry.

The First Amendment Entertainment roster features well over 200 artists and models and they are still hoping to sign more to the label. The goal for F.A.E. is to continue growing, as the label receives free promotion from another company owned by Mr. Tiger AK, Star Worthy, Inc. In a little over one year's time, Bernard Smith, Jr. is not only a successful businessman, he is a mogul. The talent, which is signed to his label, are among the many major internet stars. However, Mr. Tiger AK's reach is not only online, he is well known in the streets and he does host several events in North Carolina and Texas.


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