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LQ Stallworth talks Background and Recent Success with Renaldo Price

By The Voice
Hip Hop Vibe Staff Writer

Among the many rising talents in the entertainment industry is LQ Stallworth. She has a background in both professional sports and the music industry. At the same time, she is running both a sports and entertainment management company.

LQ Stallworth has helped mold Renaldo Price's career, as he has performed for the likes of Kandi Burruss, among others. Aside from the emerging, Price, Stallworth also manages the career of Brittany Monet, a former "Hottie of the Week" here at Hip Hop Vibe.

The past year has been an incredible ride for LQ Stallworth and she has been making many major moves. Recently, Stallworth spoke with Hip Hop Vibe about her background and her upcoming projects.

Read the entire interview below:

When did you realize you had an ear for business?
I feel like you can do it, if you set yourself apart and go do it.

Growing up, you played basketball, but did you like other sports?
I liked baseball, tennis, and track-n-field.

Do you currently follow the NBA?
Yes, I watch the NBA. However, it's not like it was watching Magic, Jordan, Bird etc.. when love was in the game.

Who, if any, is your favorite player?
Magic Johnson, in the past, Dwyane Wade and Dirk Nowitzki, now. I have always been a Dallas fan.

What type of businesses do you run?
Entertainment and sports management.

How do you handle the emerging career of Renaldo Price, along with your other clients, and your personal life?
In this business, you have to be a pitbull, so the female version. Basically, watch your own back. I believe you can't want someone else career more than they want their own. If you are not willing to work to progress your own life what are you doing for? Hobby?

When did you launch LG Entertainment?
About 2009.

Did you imagine your company becoming so big?
We are still growing and looking forward to becoming bigger and better.

How do you intend to keep things moving?
Never lose sight of your values (basically don't sell your soul to the devil).

When did your business become more of a career and less of a hobby, in terms of business taking off?
If I'm looking to progress my life, and not be content, then it is bigger than just playing with toys. Hobby is a non-factor when it comes to getting to the next level. A promising career will lead to me enjoying my hobbies.

Have you been treated differently, because of your gender?
Sometimes, they think women can't get grimy and dirty, but I play ball. I will always try to put it in my court.

If so, how do you handle this form of discrimination?
Discrimination is part of life just like haters. Look past them, however I take it as they are always thinking about me. Keeping my name in their mouth.

When trying to establish a successful business, there are several people who say you cannot do it, but who were the people who said you could?
My family is always supportive of what I do. My mom, Karen, is always supporting my decisions, my two nieces, Jasmine and Taliyah, think the world of their aunt, my brother, Trey, my business partner Cocoa Glenell, my cousin Tamika, my sorors/friends Shanita, Nickie, Ramunda, Shantell H, my high school coach Kim Albers, and my clients. Can't name them all but the rest of my family and friends that have been there Stallworths, Turks, and Edwards. Big ups to Coach Leon Barmore and Kim Mulkey (LaTech), as well basketball was not only taught as a sport they made it much more. Much love to my Uncle Leroy and sister, Charity. My brothers trying to do their thing with clothing, Trey, Mon, Keke. Shaniqua and Bob, didn't forget about you.

Growing up, who was your favorite musical artist?
Michael Jackson, the one and only superstar.

Why didn't you ever try to become an entertainer?
Entertainer! (Laughs). I was on the bball court when I could fake a great charge.

What was it like playing basketball overseas?
Playing overseas was a great experience in life and on court. I met some great players and learned a lot. I'm really into history and learning about mythology.

Did you enjoy the different cultures?
I love the different cultures. Very free and not closed minded on learning and enjoying things.

What did you learn, being in different surroundings?
The gift of life. The world is much greater outside the box. The people of different ethnic backgrounds on how they can accept to live, love, and learn.

Has that experienced helped you, as you run your business?
All about politics.


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