Monday, August 22, 2011

Mac Miller talks Donald Trump's Eminem comparisons

By The Hip Hop Writer
Hip Hop Vibe Staff Writer

Last week, Donald Trump addressed Mac Miller and his song in his namesake. While Trump said he did not appreciate the lyrics of the song, he did say Mac Miller has a promising future. The real estate mogul said Mac Miller was the next Eminem.

Trump's statement inspired the article on Hip Hop Vibe, about the Pittsburgh rapper topping Eminem. The article focused on Mac Miller topping Eminem, from a statistical standpoint. The only true comparisons the rappers have is their color of skin.

Following Donald Trump's statement and Hip Hop Vibe's article about the statement, Mac Miller speaks. In the time since the comparison was made, Mac Miller said many people have been saying that. But, Mac feels people should not read too much into the statement.

Mac Miller said the only reason Donald Trump compared him to Eminem was because he is a white rapper building buzz. The internet sensation went on to say it is not like Donald Trump knows very much about the hip hop landscape. While many were focused on Trump's statement, Mac Miller was excited because of the fact Donald Trump acknowledged him.

Mac Miller went on to say he is focused on getting to Donald Trump's letter and will reach out to him about using one of his private jets.


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