Tuesday, August 23, 2011

Star Worthy, Inc. and Hip Hop Vibe team up


For a little over a month, discussions have taken place between Hip Hop Vibe and Star Worthy, Inc. These discussions have led to a major agreement. The two companies have decided to partner in order to help those who need it accomplish their goals.

Star Worthy Inc. has been around for nearly two years and has experienced rapid expansion. Hip Hop Vibe is steadily making more moves each day. Star Worthy Inc. runs daily advertisements for corporations, big and small.

Teaming with Hip Hop Vibe gives Star Worthy Inc. a solid media outlet for their sponsors. Now, when a company purchases a Star Worthy advertisement, they will have national advertising, along with placement on a media entity. Star Worthy Inc. has been providing advertising for some time and now has a media company to also work with.

For all of those who are indeed, "star worthy," those people and companies will be contacted and their advertisement with Star Worthy Inc. will now be placed on Hip Hop Vibe in addition to the Star Worthy Inc. outlets.


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