Wednesday, August 17, 2011

Wale releases "The Eleven One Eleven Theory"

By The Hip Hop Writer
Hip Hop Vibe Staff Writer

Earlier this year, Wale signed with Maybach Music, shocking the rap world. Wale had carved out a lane for himself as an individual rapper. This lane is still occupied by Wale, as he continues to push forward.

Much like other rappers, Wale is recording music between albums. Wale said he would like to release two albums in one year. Given the way things work in the music industry, this could be a tough feat.

While he may not release two albums in a year, Wale will have a release this year. Earlier today, Wale released his The Eleven One Eleven Theory. The release was announced on Jay-Z's

The new release is a free giveaway and features crooners, such as J. Holiday and Lloyd, along with many others.

Track listing

  1. "Theory 11.1.1"
  2. "Fuck You"
  3. "Drums N Shit"
  4. "Chain Music"
  5. "Lacefrontin'"
  6. "Mother Nature (Slow Jammin)"
  7. "Barry Sanders"
  8. "Bait"
  9. "Passive Aggres-Her"
10. "Fairytales" ft. Lil Duval
11. "Ocean Drive" ft. Magazeen, Black Cobain, and Tre
12. "Samples N' Shit"
13. "Ambitious Girl Pt. 2" ft. J. Holiday
14. "Let's Chill" ft. Lloyd
15. "Pick.. Six"
16. "Varsity Blues"
17. "Underdogg"
18. "The Podium" ft. Black Cobain, Tre, and Tone P
19. "Globetrotters" (Bonus)


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