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DJ Prince speaks on Current Success, "Grind Everyday," and Major Labels

By The Hip Hop Writer
Hip Hop Vibe Staff Writer

Earlier this summer, Hip Hop Vibe spoke with DJ Prince. At the time, he was in Myrtle Beach, South Carolina. The rising DJ spoke of how beneficial being in Myrtle Beach was. In the time since then, DJ Prince has gone through a number of changes. These changes, however, have been for the better.

Coming in the next few months, DJ Prince will release his single, which is called "Grind Everyday." The song will feature two big-name artists. With the single being pushed by a major label, DJ Prince once again spoke about independent record labels vs. major record labels. The past two and a half months have paid off for DJ Prince and he gave Hip Hop Vibe an update.

Read the entire interview below:

How have things been since you left Myrtle Beach?
Things have been great. That was a spot where I placed my brand at and I get a lot of love there. Myrtle Beach is like a second home to me. Things have been shooting through the roof, but I don't talk about it much. I've been working very hard.

Can you talk about your "Grind Everyday" single?
"Grind Everyday" is my single that is going to be released on New Year's Eve. I want to have two major artists on it, but I'm not saying any name. It is going to be the biggest single to play on the radio and clubs. I am shooting the video in Atlanta and it's gonna be crazy. Everything for the song is done, the hook has been mastered and I released a snippet for it on the internet and everybody loves it. Being a DJ for so long, you know a hit when you hear it. I finally got my promo van and I'm ready to push the single. It's going to be big.

Will the single by followed by an album?
Not yet, I'm not rushing to drop an album. I know what it takes to drop an album, I've seen the success and the failure. The industry is not going anywhere, so I am not going to rush the album. Instead, I will keep hot singles coming out. I will release an album, but it is a year away. More money is made off singles than albums anyways.

So, have you got a label behind your single?
Servin' These Streets, I'm independent. Over the past few days, I have realized the labels invest money in you to help make you mobile. I do all of this alone, so I don't need a label. I have artists, models, DJs, and a camera crew. Everything is going great, I am building Servin' These Streets to be a major label, it is already a label. I am not hyped by the major labels, but if a major label comes with a great opportunity, I have a major deal.

How do you feel about the major labels?
The major labels will rob you, I don't need a major label to push my song, I can push the song, myself. When they hear the record, they are going to want to be a part of it. "Grind Everyday" has the same feeling surrounding it DJ Khaled's first singles did. Everybody in the struggle, grinding, hustling, will be able to relate to this record. It has a club feel to it, a 200% radio record.

Have any new artists reached out to you?
Yeah man, a lot of artists reaching out. I have added another artist, Gully Davis, to Servin' These Streets, along with Cognac Gunna, along with many others. A lot of artists say they're with me, but some really are not. Being a veteran, I know the difference, so I know what's up. Either 100% in or 100% out, I separate friends from business, always keep it business first because friendship interrupts business. I have a lot of artists reaching out man, California, Virginia, Atlanta, New Jersey, I am definitely going to be adding them to the roster. When I add an artist, I want to be able to help them.

Exactly what do you provide an artist a major label would not?
Street promotion, internet promotion, including overseas, Russia, France, Japan, I have sent mixtapes to these places. I get them clubs, mixtapes, internet radio stations. I make t-shirts and this is stuff you never see major labels doing.

How do you feel about internet radio vs. real radio?
Internet radio is way better. I have had a big internet radio station a couple years ago, getting over 40,000 hits a day. I was booming. It's exclusive, real, raw, uncut, and there is no one over you telling you to do this and do that, you can be yourself, as a DJ. A radio DJ will only play what is hot in their mix-show. But, me, I fit in all the categories. I play new stuff you will never hear on local radio. Over half of the songs I put on mixtapes are never heard on the radio, but they are on the internet. Underground spotlight is what regular radio does not reach out to or promote, unless they are paid. The record can be hotter than a major artist and regular radio would never push it. But, all the greats were independent at one point.

Regular radio should be replaced with internet, even in cars and I guarantee you I would have the number one station worldwide. Regular radio is pre-recorded, 98% of it is. Internet radio, if it is real, 100% of the time, it is live and it is real.

So, you really do not see much need for major media outlets?
They can help, because everybody does not know me. They could come in handy. But, just like this interview, this site has readers who do not know me who will. I appreciate every media outlet who does support me and I give back 300%. They definitely play a major difference in this industry. I get blasts from all different types of people.

Can you tell us more about your business in Japan?
I will be over there for a week, DJ-ing in clubs, getting footage. Servin' These Streets has gotten me booked over there and, besides that, I have already sent mixtapes over there for the promotion. One of my partners is a big DJ over there and he connected me with some of the big clubs.

Okay, do you have any shout outs?
Hip Hop Vibe for the interview, all the major DJs, Khaled, Drama, Scream, Funk Flex, everyone down with me. Kid Capri, Jazzy Jeff, my parents, my siblings. They're my top supporters. There are so many more people. Cochife, an A&R for Columbia Records, he has been booking me with shows all over the place. I want to shout out all of the real radio stations and all the real DJs pushing the real records. Shout out to the 730 Dipset DJs, Capone, Freekey Zeekey, Deejay Teeoah, he's in Japan, that's my boy, one of the biggest DJs in Japan, I helped him out, shout out to all the STS DJs, artists, models, Lil Chuckee, YMCMB, Kay Harris, and everyone who is important to me. Shout out to Hard Hittaz in Atlanta, Gee Money, their CEO, Klepto Montana, my brother Ramel, free Ramel in VA. My cousin Pop/Jeff, they know who they are. Definitely shout out to Ace Hood and Yo Gotti, Streets Mayhem DVD, B.G., DC, North Carolina, South Carolina, Mississippi, Atlanta, Queens, New York. Shout out to all my hustlers out here grinding. Go request "Grind Everyday," my new single.


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