Tuesday, September 27, 2011

Mac Miller speaks on "Blue Slide Park" album cover

By The Hip Hop Writer
Hip Hop Vibe Staff Writer

One of hip hop's most-unique members is Mac Miller. Born during the golden era of hip hop, Mac Miller is definitely a new breed of rapper. It has been an incredible journey for him, doing YouTube videos to now be working on his debut album. Mac Miller is drawing from his past for this album.

When Mac Miller revealed the title of his album, Blue Slide Park, many questioned why he gave his album such a unique title. Mac Miller revealed the album is named after a local hangout. With his album in the works, fans are anxiously waiting on a new release from him. Fans also had numerous questions when Mac revealed his album cover.

Speaking with MTV News, Mac Miller explained why his cover looks the way it does. Mac Miller said it is betweeen himself, Google, an eight-year-old child, and his brother. The cover is simple and to the point, according to Mac Miller. The young rapper said he wanted something simple to represent the entire album, while the cover does not look like a park, the blue slide is obviously there.

Mac Miller's brother, Miller McCormick, has always been into art and is beginning to enter graphic design and he found the blue slide image on Google. He took the image and added more touches to it, which led to the album cover for Blue Slide Park. Mac Miller said it was great to have his older brother work with him, in some way, on his album.


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