Wednesday, September 7, 2011

Mobb Deep explains RED Distribution deal

By The Hip Hop Writer
Hip Hop Vibe Staff Writer

Ever since Prodigy announced the new Mobb Deep album, there has been plenty of speculation. Many are wondering where the album will be released. For a while, it was expected of them to reunite with G-Unit Records.

Prodigy, Havoc, and 50 Cent all hinted towards a possible Mobb Deep return to G-Unit. However, earlier this week, Prodigy announced a new deal. The Queens rapper announced Mobb Deep had aligned with RED Distribution.

Now, the duo is taking time to explain their latest label deal. Early in their career, Mobb Deep was one of the members of Sony's Loud Records. The duo has returned to Sony, now under RED.

Earlier today, Havoc and Prodigy discussed their new venture with MTV News. The two said their new deal with RED allows them to release music through their Infamous Records. Their upcoming, self-titled, album will be released through Infamous. Not wanting the hassle of label issues, Prodigy and Havoc said all they have with RED is a distribution deal. While they do not want label issues, the duo said there is no way to avoid the major companies, because they get music into stores.


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