Thursday, September 8, 2011

T.I.'s Reality Show landed him back in Prison

By The Hip Hop Writer
Hip Hop Vibe Staff Writer

August 2011 closed in an odd manner for T.I., who had been released from prison. An announcement was made, saying Tip would be released. The announcement was written off by T.I.'s lawyer, who said no one knows the date until minutes prior to the release.

However, T.I. was released from prison, as announced, and ready to get himself back in the game. T.I.'s freedom lasted for a few hours before he was carted back off to prison. The Grand Hustle CEO was sent back to prison because he rode a tour bus to the halfway house.

In the time since this story leaked, Tiny, T.I.'s wife, has spoken out against the police. She said the law enforcement had no problem with the tour bus. Several officers even took pictures beside the bus, sparking much outrage.

Once again, the law enforcement is back with another reason T.I. is in prison for another month. The reason the tour bus is suddenly a problem is because of T.I.'s upcoming VH1 reality show. The law enforcement said it was likely filming began right then, which is conducting business. Because of the law, T.I. cannot conduct business until he is completely free.


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