Tuesday, September 20, 2011

Tripp James is recording New Music, has Mixtapes in the Works, and a New Album

By The Hip Hop Writer
Hip Hop Vibe Staff Writer

Atlanta rapper, Tripp James never takes any time off, as he is focused on making hits. Tripp James has been performing at a number of shows in Atlanta. Now, though, he is away from the spotlight and back in the studio.

Tripp James is recording a number of new songs. A few of these songs will be a part of one of his two upcoming mixtapes. The remainder of the songs will be a part of his next album. Tripp James hopes to release these new projects in the near future.

Hip Hop Vibe caught up with Tripp James, as he discussed his new projects.

Read the entire interview below:

What are the names of your new mixtapes?
Bankhead All-Star 4.0 and a collaboration mixtape with Yung Simpsec called Bankset Vol. 1. The mixtape will be hosted by DJ Run Viper.

You also have a new album in the works?
My album is coming out next month and I'm dealing with Def Jam this time. I'm giving the fans the mixtapes until I can get the album out. I got the Shop Boyz, JP Deniro, Cooler P, and a bunch of other independent artists on my album.

How did you link up with Def Jam?
I was performing and a man with Def Jam offered me a distribution deal. I told them I wanted a digital distribution deal, keeping 100% of the royalties. They asked me if I wanted to stay independent and I said yes and they became my silent parter.

Can you speak on your relationship with the Shop Boyz?
I grew up with them, we went to school together, we were raised in the same apartment building. We did our thing, stayed in contact, stayed cool. Now, we're both in music, and we are starting to collaborate with each other. Right now, I want to be independent and do things on my own, but on my sophomore album, I will begin working with major artists.

You are working with Lex Luger, correct?

How did that come about?
Through Facebook, we had mutual friends. I let him know I was on my grind and he sent me a track and I recorded over it. I told him if he likes it he can join the movement.

Who else are you working with?
Mike Wills, J Kush, Zaytoven, I'm trying to work with all the hot and heavy hitters on my debut album. They respect my grind.

What is the name of your debut album?
Bankhead All-Star.

When can fans expect to hear it?
All I can say is coming soon.


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