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Tripp James talks "Bankhead All-Star," Club Performances, and "Charlie Sheen" single

By The Hip Hop Writer
Hip Hop Vibe Staff Writer

For over ten years, Atlanta has been the breeding ground for new hip hop artists. Last year, however, was a little tough on the city. A complete 360 has come about in 2011. Among the rising independent talent from the city is Tripp James.

Tripp James has been making waves for some time, but he has recently been making more. The rapper starred in his own DVD, "Bankhead All-Star," and has headlined the mixtape series. With the year closing out, the Atlanta rapper has more planned.

In an effort to build his buzz, Tripp James has been all over the Atlanta club scene. His song, "Charlie Sheen," named after the embattled star, has had all the clubs jumping. As the year continues, Tripp James is hoping "Charlie Sheen" garners more radio play and lands him more club performances.

Recently, Hip Hop Vibe caught up with the Bankhead All-Star.

Read the entire interview below:

Where did "Bankhead All-Star" come from?
Bankhead is where I was born and raised. I came from the same place as T.I. and Shawty Lo, so I naturally felt like an all-star. I wasn't given the proper recognition, so I decided to go ahead with the "Bankhead All-Star" title.

How did the Bankhead All-Star DVD come about?
I was performing at The Blue Diamond and the head of In Case You Missed it DVD came along and began asking me questions. After I talked to him, he told me I should do a DVD. We went to my old hood, he followed me around for a week, and we interviewed local artists.

Do you think the DVD could lead to a Tripp James reality show?
It is possible, we have been talking to a couple of television stations. A few years ago, I was close to putting together a reality show, but things did not work out right. However, I promise you a Tripp James reality show will be coming soon.

What is your following on the club scene like?
I have a large fan base and my tour helped build this. I have fans in places all over the United States, a number of states have Tripp James fans in it.

How many performances do you do, a week?
I do around five performances a week, but it varies because I do multiple shows a night some weeks.

The clubs are loving the "Charlie Sheen" single, right?
Yes, they are. It is something about the song, it even makes my crunk when I hear it. The song is full of energy, even old people like the song.

How did the "Charlie Sheen" single come about?
I was going through a situation with my ex, we had gotten into an argument. Instead of doing something stupid, I decided to go into the studio and create a song. I went to and found the beat named "Charlie Sheen." After recording the song, I performed it and landed a digital distribution deal.

Do you have a follow-up single planned?
Yeah, either "Got No Time," produced by Zaytoven, I have so many singles to pick from. "Charlie Sheen" is number one right now, it is the one that is winning. Also, I have remixed Kelly Rowland's "Motivation," she is holding a contest where the hottest verse will win an official spot on the official remix. I have a couple songs on the radio, "Ripp U." People can call in and request that song.

Do you have any shout outs?
First, DJ Prince for taking a chance on me, because he has me servin' these streets. DJ Knight was the first DJ to give me a chance. Shout out to Hip Hop Vibe taking a chance on me. All my supporters, got to give it up to God. Shout out my mother for giving me life. Big Duke Chevy Rider from Block Entertainment, Quant Cash, shout out to Looney Tunes, shout out to Shawty Lo, The Shop Boyz, shout out to T.I. for opening the doors to Bankhead. Also, cannot forget Kilo Ali, they paved the way for me. I want to work with all of them, I want to work with anyone who is working hard.


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