Thursday, September 1, 2011

Young Jeezy may place Drake, Andre 3000, and Jay-Z on one track

By The Hip Hop Writer
Hip Hop Vibe Staff Writer

After keeping fans waiting for three years, Young Jeezy is finally putting the finishing touches on Thug Motivation 103. With the album finally on the way, Young Jeezy spoke with Bootleg Kev about his new music.

Earlier this year, "Shake Life" was released and it was branded as the first single off TM103. Bootleg Kev asked him about the first single from the album. Young Jeezy responded by saying he does not like the term "single."

Young Jeezy said he is doing what he loves. Never does he use the term "single." Instead, Young Jeezy said he is releasing records to the public. Jeezy said the "single" game is an easy way to get yourself messed up.

Recently, Young Jeezy talked about one "record" he might put together. Young Jeezy said he might put together a track featuring Drake, Andre 3000, and Jay-Z. When asked to go into detail, Young Jeezy said it was very top secret. However, Young Jeezy did say the likelihood of the collaboration was highly possible.


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