Thursday, October 13, 2011

9th Wonder talks Working with Drake, "The Wonder Years," Collaborations, and Samples

By The Hip Hop Writer
Hip Hop Vibe Staff Writer

Recently, 9th Wonder released The Wonder Years, his debut album. With his name in the headlines, 9th Wonder has been involved in several projects. Among the projects 9th Wonder has been tapped to work on is Drake's Take Care.

When asked about his work on Take Care, 9th Wonder said he was supposed to be working on the album. The plan was to work on the album, but 9th Wonder said plans do not always work out. It is now a month before Take Care comes out.

9th Wonder said he did send beats to Drake, but he is not sure if he used them. However, there were three or four beats Drake really liked. While he is not sure if he will be a part of the album, 9th Wonder said fans should support Drake regardless.

Discussing the collaborations on The Wonder Years, 9th Wonder said he was not able to get all of the people in the studio. However, many of the people on the album had worked with 9th Wonder in the studio prior to working on this album. For those he had worked with before, but did not work with in the studio on this album, 9th Wonder said the chemistry was already there, so the songs came out well.

Aside from his own album, 9th Wonder reunited with Phonte for Charity Starts at Home. While the two were working together for the first time in years, they hardly shared the studio. 9th Wonder said he did a lot of catching up with Phonte during this period of time. Despite not working together for a long period of time, the chemistry between them was still there and undeniable.


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