Wednesday, March 31, 2010

50 Cent is the New Director for G-Unit videos

The days of videos directed by Hype Williams and Benny Boom are long gone for G-Unit Records. The days of having their records distributed by Interscope Records are also long gone. 50 Cent had a falling out with Jimmy Iovine, the head of Interscope, and he promised to leave after the release of his fourth album. Many were hoping that a truce could be made, but 50 Cent left.

Not only does G-Unit Records find themselves without a distributing label, but they also lost their financial backbone. Everything that they put out, from this point on, is coming out of their pocket. Luckily for the crew, 50 Cent is one of the most-savvy businessmen in the hip hop game. He has built his career out of saving money and the money saved while at Interscope is probably enough to hold G-Unit over.

50 Cent made a promise to his fans that G-Unit would continue to go strong even without Interscope behind them. As soon as he cut his ties with the label, he told Tony Yayo and Lloyd Banks to prepare their new albums. Before the end of the summer, both rappers hope to have released their albums and they are working on the singles before the summer starts. In the past, 50 Cent would recruit high-profile video directors for the G-Unit videos. Realizing the limitations of G-Unit, 50 has stepped up to direct the new videos from G-Unit.

Tony Yayo will be the first G-Unit artist to release an independent artist. His album will be followed by the third album from Lloyd Banks, The Hunger for More 2. 50 Cent will release Black Magic sometime during the fourth quarter of 2010.


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