Tuesday, March 30, 2010

Jay-Z to appear on Dr. Dre single for "Detox"

For the past ten years, there has been a lot of talk about the new album from Dr. Dre. To be titled Detox, it has gone through as many release dates as every Jay-Z album released since 2000. Every now an again, talk of the new album hypes up. But, when the release date nears, the album is pushed back. By the fall of 2009, Dre began to upset some of his oldest fans. Now, early in 2010, people have given up on the album.

Perhaps hoping that people had given up on the album, Dr. Dre has returned with more information. Despite what people think happened with his album, Dre has informed people that it is still on the way. With the way that he has worked with the album, that fact could be in question. Dr. Dre said that he does not care about the album, then he said that it may not come until 2011. He said that this album would be his final one and it is for the fans.

After a decade of those statements, the hip hop community had finally gotten over the fact that Detox may never come out. Two years ago, Dre recrutied Jay-Z for the album. Jay, like many other rappers has said that he recorded with Dr. Dre. But, the state of the song, he could not confirm or deny. Recently, rumors have emerged that not only is Detox right around the corner, but the first single will be coming before the end of the summer. Michael Yo, a source close to Dr. Dre, said that the first single off of Detox will be released shortly. The single does feature Jay-Z, a frequent collaborator of Dr. Dre.


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