Wednesday, March 24, 2010

50 Cent to direct New Tony Yayo video

Now that G-Unit is no longer on Interscope Records, they are having to pay for things out of pocket. In the midst of a comeback, they are going to need a lot of help. 50 Cent has plans of a big comeback for the crew, but he wants it done on the cheap. The first thing that he has to do is create a new rotation.

The first album from G-Unit since their departure from Interscope will come from Tony Yayo. Because it will be his first studio album in five years, he is going to need to do something big. Yayo has been promoting this new album ever since 50 Cent told him to begin recording it.

With his album coming before the summer, Tony Yayo is preparing the first single. Before he goes into the album, Yayo is going to do like 50 Cent and promote his mixtape single. Recently, he released a single titled "Obama" and a video is on the way. Instead of paying someone to have the video done, Yayo is going to 50 Cent to direct the video.


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