Thursday, March 25, 2010

Rah Digga prepares Comeback Album

With over ten years put in at Flipmode Records, Rah Digga finally left the camp. The crew had been united, but it was obvious that Busta Rhymes made the move to Aftermath for himself. Since the CEO of the label was only looking out for self, Rah Digga decided to leave and re-establish herself. Ten years ago, she released her only album to date, Dirty Harriet.

Recently, Rah Digga spoke on her album that was supposed to be released in 2003. She said that the album was pushed back and later shleved. Because J Records did not see her vision, they dropped her from the label and soon Flipmode also abandoned her. When speaking of what she can bring to the hip hop community, Digga proclaimed that she is hip hop, period.

Having recently re-emerged from the shadows, Rah Digga has a new album coming soon. There are some people wondering why she does not have any singles out. In a response to those questions, Rah said that she is not going to rap for buzz. She is simply going to release her album and then let the music speak for itself.


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