Monday, March 29, 2010

Big Boi breaks silence on Def Jam deal

Following two year's worth of rumors, Big Boi finally signed with the legendary Def Jam label. This follows years that he recorded for Jive Records. His solo rap album, which has been spoken of for about two years, will be released on Def Jam. Recently, Big Boi spoke about his new record deal.

The main reason that a deal was made was because of the past that Big Boi has with OutKast. When OutKast signed their first label deal, they signed with LaFace Records. At the time, LaFace was still being run by L.A. Reid. Now, Reid is an executive for Def Jam.

Once L.A. Reid was out of LaFace Records, Big Boi said that he and Andre 3000 no longer had as much creative freedom. He said that he had been trying to leave Jive Records for Def Jam for the past two years. That is the main reason for all of the rumors about him being headed to Def Jam for so long.

Big Boi said that Jive Records released him last month and as soon as they did so, he called upon L.A. Reid to meet in Miami. Following their meeting, Big Boi was signed to Def Jam and he was "happy as hell." His new album will be released later this year. Big Boi said that he is hoping to repeat the success that Ludacris has been having recently with his album.


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