Monday, March 29, 2010

Ja Rule remains confident in Major Comeback

It may be hard to believe now, but Ja Rule was the biggest rap star on the planet. But, when 50 Cent emerged into the game, he made it his personal mission to end the career of Ja Rule. The hit from 50 was not too hard, though. He would release a platinum album the next year, but a federal investigation of his record label ruined him.

During his time with Def Jam, Ja Rule released an album every year. But, when Def Jam ridded themselves of Murder Inc., no other label openly signed them to another deal. It would take two years for a new deal to be made for the label. Because Ja Rule had already fallen off, a bit, a comeback was hard to come by.

In 2007, he was supposed to make his big comeback. But, because his music did not receive a strong response, the album never came. It would soon be revealed that Universal was not confident in releasing an album from Ja Rule. Because of that, the deal lapsed without a new Ja Rule album.

Three years have passed since Ja Rule attempted to make a comeback. In the years since that attempt, Rule has remained confident in making a comeback. Despite everything being thrown in his direction, Ja Rule has landed big roles in some new films. There is a strong possibility that he will also contribute to the soundtracks of these movies. With his new album only two months away, Ja Rule has a new single, "The Life," in rotation and it is gaining airplay.

Ja Rule plans to release two albums before the end of this year. The first album, Venni Vetti Vecci 2010, will be released in June, but no official date has been slated.


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