Wednesday, March 31, 2010

Eminem prepares "Relapse 2"

Most rappers do not receive the chances that Eminem has had over the course of his career. By 2004, Eminem had gone from superstar status to legendary status. As he finally reached the top of the mountain, Eminem decided to take a break from music. He had decided to take a break and find peace with all of his rivals.

For the next five years, Eminem winded himself down until he was almost forgotten from the game. In order to keep himself in shape, Eminem continued to write and record. He even began trying his hand at producing new music. Rumors of a comeback from Eminem began as early as 2007. There was an album called King Mathers that began flooding the internet.

Eminem decided to wait for five years and he ended up returning with Relapse. While recording this new music, Eminem said that he had enough material to record two albums. Originally, Em had planned to release two new albums before the end of 2009. Despite the high record sales of Relapse, the label decided that Eminem wait on releasing another album. They felt that he should record all-new music and release Relapse 2 in 2010.

With 2010 four months old, Eminem has been hard at work on Relapse 2. Over the past few months, Em has become nothing short of a memory. Just because the fans are beginning to forget about him, that does not mean that he has forgotten about what he has to do. Eminem is currently putting the finishing touches on his new album. The album should be completed within the next few months. There is no set release date for his upcoming Relapse 2.


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