Wednesday, March 31, 2010

Lloyd Banks talks New Album and 50 Cent

Four years have passed since the release of the last Lloyd Banks album. Originally, the album had been planned for a 2007 release on Interscope Records. But, because of the fact that the buzz of the G-Unit label faltered, Interscope delayed the album. Growing tired of waiting on Jimmy Iovine to put his album out, Banks decided to leave G-Unit Records.

The new Lloyd Banks album has changed so many times since its planned release. Initially, the album was set to be another album that was heavy with G-Unit collaborations. But, soon, Banks decided to turn the album into a sequel to his Rotten Apple album. Then, he decided to make it into a double album and record a song with Jay-Z and Nas.

However, after the emergence of the 50 Cent/Jay-Z feud and reluctance from Nas to record with G-Unit, those plans ended up falling through. Because Lloyd Banks could not land the collaboration with Jay-Z and Nas, Interscope pulled the plug on his album. Finally having enough, last summer, Banks ended up leaving Interscope Records. He would be followed by Tony Yayo and 50 Cent would leave G-Unit in the fall, right after the release of Before I Self Destruct.

Because the executives of Interscope Records will not be involved with his new album, 50 Cent has to come in and fill the void created by their departure. The increased involvment of 50 Cent in the new album from Banks has led to a lot of questions. Lloyd Banks has spoken on all of the questions regarding himself and the general of G-Unit. Most people assumed that when Banks left Interscope Records that he had also left his longtime home of G-Unit Records. When 50 Cent returned to working with Lloyd Banks and filming his videos, people wondered why. But, Banks has revealed that he is still on G-Unit Records and that 50 Cent is still the head of the organization.

Lloyd Banks plans to release his third studio album sometime in June of this year.


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