Friday, March 19, 2010

Ice Cube challenged by Up-and-Coming rapper, Jay Rock

As previously reported, the title of the latest Ice Cube album has caused quite a stir. Much like when Nas titled his album Hip Hop Is Dead, the West Coast hip hop artist has not taken kindly to Ice Cube titling his album I Am The West. Unlike other regions in hip hop, the West only has three prominent artists.

However, they do have a lot of rappers trying to break through and they have taken offense to Cube claiming to be the West. A lot of these new rappers feel that he should step aside. It is often said that new artists cannot flourish because the older artists refuse to move out of the way. The new artists out West feel that they are being held back by Ice Cube.

Ice Cube took to his Twitter account to challenge these critics and he accused them of age-ism. Los Angeles rapper, Jay Rock said that if Cube has a problem with any new rappers from the area that he should call their name. When he first came into the game, Ice Cube was the most-vicious rapper out. But, over time, he has changed. Jay Rock has said that he has never disrespected Ice Cube, but he does not have a problem doing so.


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