Thursday, March 18, 2010

J. Cole talks pressure from Jay-Z and Nas' storytelling

J. Cole, a native of Fayetteville, North Carolina, has been put in a very major situation. As the first artist signed to Roc Nation, he is set to inherit the throne of Jay-Z. Because he has never developed a superstar artist of his own, Jay plans to make J. Cole into the biggest rapper in the game.

When he first began working with Jay-Z, J. Cole spoke of how nervous he was being around him. But, being with him for the past two years has made him more comfortable. His single, "Light's Please," was released towards the end of last year, but it has not been too much of a hit. Despite not having much airplay, the single has proved to people who did not believe that J. Cole is a good rapper.

Recently, the rapper was speaking on the type of music that he likes. As evidenced by his own lyrics, J. Cole is not impressed by materialistic raps. Instead, he loves rappers who tell stories in their raps. The rap game has hailed the late Notorious B.I.G. as the best storyteller in the game, but he was not the only one. Nas has long been called the street poet. Most of his early raps consisted of stories of the streets that were socially-concious. Growing up, and even today, J. Cole finds himself drawn to rappers like Nas.


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