Wednesday, March 31, 2010

Q-Tip confirms role with Kanye West and "Good Ass Job"

Kanye West was able to shake his Taylor Swift controversy when news about his new album arose. Following his crossover 2008 R&B album, Kanye had plans of returning to rap. People close to West have been describing the album for some time. The first person to speak of the album was Kid Cudi. He said that Kanye West had taken a break to record his new album.

Later, more associates from GOOD Music would speak about the new album. Before Kanye West revealed that he would be recording an R&B album, he said that his 2008 album would be a part of his album series. But, with all of the emotions running through his system, Kanye went R&B. As more information leaked about the 2009-2010 album from West, it was revealed that he was going old school.

Earlier this month, there were rumors of Q-Tip signing on to work with the new Kanye West album. Given the influence of Kanye West on the rap game, people believed that they could work together. But, later, many began to think that it was pure speculation. Now, Q-Tip has come out and announced that he will be returning to the game and he will be producing for Kanye West's new album, Good Ass Job. That album will not be released until some time this summer.


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