Thursday, March 25, 2010

Too $hort shuns the Internet

The internet has taken the hip hop world by storm. For the past decade, or so, there have been many hip hop websites. But, in more recent years, more and more have appeared. These websites have been the place to get the latest news on hip hop. However, rappers began their own internet invasion and some seem to be addicted.

With the popularity of MySpace, Facebook, and Twitter, most hip hop fans pull up their favorite artist's profile to receive the news. As opposed to getting the source from television or from an interview, most websites get their news from these outlets. Hip hop has been drawn to the internet and some have their own blogs, most notably Kanye West.

Before rap became so commercialized, Too $hort was in the game. He has been rapping since 1983 and is the longest-tenured rapper in history. As times have changed, he has managed to stay relevant. Times are still changing and hip hop is going digital. While things are changing, one thing that will remain the same is Too $hort not spending too much time on the internet. He acknowledged the fact that the internet has taken over hip hop, but Too $hort will not be taking up his time to write about his every feeling. Instead, he will do things as he has been doing them.


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