Thursday, April 29, 2010

Drake samples Dead Prez in "Over"

The past few years have consisted of finding a new rapper to inherit the throne. Many people have assumed that it was up to them to take that spot. The most-notable rapper to claim king was Lil Wayne. To boost the effort, he went out and found a crew.

Drake was one of the first rappers to join Young Money and he is now a bigger star than Wayne. Now, when most people speak of the future of hip hop, they speak of Drake. His debut album, Thank Me Later, is right around the corner. Drake has made it because his lyrics are now quoted.

When fans start quoting rapper's lyrics, the hip hop heads jump in and read the lyrics. Drake's single, "Over," has become the first hit of the summer. Now, the lyrics have been analyzed. It turns out that a few of the lyrics in the hit have been sampled.

The line "one thing 'bout music, when it hits you, you feel no pain" is a direct quote from Dead Prez off of their 2000 hit, "Bigger Than Hip Hop."


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