Wednesday, April 28, 2010

Jeezy gets Pushed Back

Recently, Jeezy has been making a lot of news. First, he changed his name from Young Jeezy to simply Jeezy. Later, he said that it was time for hip hop to move past Tupac and Biggie. When asked about the best rapper to lead the shift, he suggested himself. With all of the buzz, Def Jam quickly gave him a release date.

Dating back to early 2009, Jeezy has been working on a new album. Last summer, it was revealed to be Thug Motivation 103. Jeezy had wanted to promote the album last year, but Def Jam was hesitant after his last album did not do very well. He felt that releasing a new single would rebuild his buzz. Jeezy was never given a chance and was forced to wait until this year.

This year, Jeezy has been pushed around by Def Jam. But, after releasing a single and making waves, he earned a release date. Jeezy was placed one week after the releases from Game and Drake on June 22. However, because he has yet to dominate the radio the way that he used to, Def Jam has given him a little more time to get things right. Thug Motivation 103 is currently slated to be released sometime in July of this year.


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