Tuesday, April 27, 2010

Eminem ditches "Relapse 2," prepares New Album

Two weeks ago, Eminem revealed that he had decided to ditch the idea of Relapse 2. After being away from the game for five years, Em decided to record two albums. The music was recorded around the same time, so they had the same theme. He had hoped to release one album early in the year and one album late in the year.

Despite what he had planned, Jimmy Iovine felt that he should hold off on releasing another album. He felt that recording an all-new album would be better for Eminem. To please the fans, Em released part of the album through Relapse: Refill. What was to come this year was Relapse 2, instead he will release Recovery.

With a new theme for his new album, Eminem plans on releasing this new album sometime this summer. Em has already promised the first single from the album in the coming days. To prepare the fans for the single that prepares them for the album, he has released a warm-up freestyle.


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