Tuesday, April 27, 2010

Eve discusses Interscope Records fallout

News of Eve leaving Geffen Records shook the hip hop community, but it was not unexpected. However, what came as a shock was when she was dropped by Interscope Records. Having been with the label for over a decade, she set records for Interscope. But, when she stayed away from the game for five years, it was hard for her to come back.

Usually, when Eve is talking about her career, she finds herself defending what has happened. Before the planned release of Here I Am, she signed with Aftermath and Dr. Dre had to stop working with her. She also signed with Geffen Records and they did little to help. Meanwhile, she remained with Ruff Ryders/Interscope.

Eve has been friendly about speaking on the issues, but she has now admitted that the labels lied to her. She said that they made bad business deals and tried to cover them up. Eve said that Interscope intentionally placed a hold on her music career. After eleven years on the label and them starting to lie to her, Eve demanded to get off.


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