Tuesday, April 20, 2010

Fat Joe admits to Lying in Raps

For years, many protestors of rap music have told the young, impressionable fans not to read too much into the music. Still, even with the warnings, a lot of young people think that these rappers are actually gangsters. With the rise in popularity of the Bloods gang through Lil Wayne, many young people are calling themselves Bloods.

While the people against rap often speak out against the lyrics, no rapper ever has. Fat Joe has been around for a long time, but many people say that he has never made history. Until his recent blog posting that was the case. With his latest blog post, Fat Joe became the first rapper to ever challenge the authencity of his own raps.

Many times, when rappers begin feuding with each other, they deny the truth in their rhymes. But, with everything going on, Fat Joe has decided to speak on his own lyrics. He said that the fans should not read much into the things that he raps about. Fat Joe said that a lot of his rhymes are not real. He said that rappers are writing these hardcore lyrics while sitting in their mansions.

Fat Joe also explained what a rapping gangster would have to do in his daily life. According to Joe, that is virtually impossible. Fat Joe said that rappers are not gangsters, instead they are poets and authors and they are allowed to say whatever they want to say. He feels that it does not matter what a rapper raps about, even if he did not live it. The only thing that matters is that his or her rhymes are hot.


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