Monday, April 12, 2010

Hip Hop Vibe makes Big Moves

In an effort to reach a broader audience, a lot of changes have taken place at Hip Hop Vibe. Readers will still be able to enjoy their latest news and rumors from right here, but now we have a lot more to offer. From this point on, readers can call Hip Hop Vibe home. A social networking community has been added to the website and now the readers can have their say. Any rumors or news tips that any of the readers have can be submitted through the discussion forum.

Most importantly, all of the hip hop heads out there have a space just for them to connect with people like them in this new community. On this site, debate, argue, and enjoy what we now have to offer. This forum will be overviewed by Hip Hop Vibe, so if the content is good enough, it may end up making the front page of Hip Hop Vibe. In addition to the social networking site, Hip Hop Vibe is also expanding to finally have the "Weekly Wrap Up," and a new emphasis on video.

Every day, Hip Hop Vibe will select from the latest videos, the top video of the day, which will be decided by the fans. Also, an official contact for Hip Hop Vibe has been set up and we will be checking it daily, so please continue to come to the site. Everything that is currently Hip Hop Vibe will remain Hip Hop Vibe, only now, there is an emphasis on other aspects of hop hop. Remember, if any of the discussions on the forum are popular enough, they may end up making the front page of Hip Hop Vibe.

Before the end of this month, an online store will also be created for the website. In doing all of this, we plan on moving ahead to become one of the top online destinations for the hip hop community.


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