Thursday, April 15, 2010

Nicki Minaj is carrying Young Money

Last year, Drake officially signed with Young Money and many people predicted him to become the future of the label. His mixtape release, last year's So Far Gone, had more success than most albums that were released in 2009. With the buzz that he had, it appeared as if he were ready to take over the game.

Once it was revealed that Lil Wayne would be in prison for a year, it appeared that Drake would begin his run a little early. After all, if he could have an enormous buzz based off of the mixtape, imagine what he could do with an album. Most people viewed Young Money as Lil Wayne first, Drake second, and Nicki Minaj a distant third.

However, recently, that has not been the case. Drake is still one of the hottest rapers in the game. Despite his incredible run, Nicki Minaj is a little more popular than Drizzy. She has been called upon by Ludacris and Usher. Both of their songs have become hits and they both credit the verse from Nicki Minaj as the culprit.

Nicki Minaj does not have an album coming anytime soon, but it is her music that is getting the most airplay on radio stations. Drake is still dominating with "Over," but he is not dominating the way that Nicki is with music on other artists' albums. Promotion for her album is not set to begin until late in the summer. Meanwhile, promotion for Drake's album is currently in gear. Despite this fact, it is Nicki Minaj that has the most buzz, right now, and with her album around the corner, she may outsell Drake.

When the Young Money name is mentioned, a lot of people still say Drake, but the dominant artist in the crew happens to be Nicki Minaj. Her untitled debut album will be released sometime before the end of this year around the fall season.


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