Tuesday, April 27, 2010

Irv Gotti talks Rick Ross

Before signing with Def Jam, Rick Ross was very close to signing with Murder Inc. Records. Irv Gotti had heard some of his music and he desperately wanted Ross on his label. At the time, he was preparing Ja Rule for a comeback. He felt that Rick Ross could provide that spark to return his label to the top.

During this time, Murder Inc. had just landed their deal with Universal Motown and Jay-Z had just taken over at Def Jam. Irv Gotti said that he had sat down with Rick Ross and he told him what it would be like with either label. He said that he told Ross if he wanted to sell records he needs to come and join him.

Four years after the release of Port of Miami, Irv Gotti said that Ross would be selling 2 million albums on every release. He said that this would happen even through these harsh economic times. But, he chose to sign with Def Jam. Currently, he is the hottest rapper outside of the Young Money crew.

Despite his popularity, Rick Ross does not sell many records. Usually, his albums sell around 800,000 copies, but the RIAA usually certifies his albums as platinum.


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