Tuesday, April 27, 2010


When the New Year came in, T.I. made plans to begin his surge back to the top of the game. Having been the breakout star of 2008, he was forced to sit out of 2009. His 2007 gun charge landed him in prison for the bulk of 2009. But, good behavior led to his early release and T.I. returning to the hustle.

T.I. admitted that he lost ground, but he has been one of the most talked about rappers since his return. Earlier this year, he released his comeback single. Officially announcing his return to the game, T.I. informed the public that he was back. His album was properly titled "I'm Back."

When the song was released, T.I. said that it was a non-album single. However, as the song has become a minor hit, T.I. has made it his lead single. Ever since last year, the Atlanta rapper has been working on his latest opus, King Unleashed. It will be the final album of his trilogy that started in 2007.

The album was initially set for an August release, but anticipation and his fast recording has led to the album being pushed up.


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