Monday, April 26, 2010

Paul Wall talks Texas and White Rappers

When people first heard Paul Wall on Mike Jones' 2005 hit, "Still Tippin,'" most people assumed that he was black. However, when the video came out, it turned out that he was white. At the time, Eminem had just taken a break from recording music. For years, Em had been the "white rapper." Even with Wall in the game, he never got that title.

For the first time, publicly, Paul Wall has decided to address the reason behind this. According to Wall, had he been from Detroit, or any of the other northern cities, he would have been written off as just another white rapper. But, the fact that he is from the South is what saved him from that title. There is a certain swagger that Southern rappers have.

It was that swagger that kept him from being labeled as the new Eminem in the rap game. Paul Wall said that he never carried himself as a white person. Instead, he came as simply a rapper. Eminem, on the other hand, has straddled the fence throughout his career. At times, he seems to be black and at others, he is the nerdy white rapper.


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