Tuesday, April 20, 2010

Rick Ross keeps Tight Lid on "Teflon Don"

Before he actually began recording this new album, Rick Ross promised that it would be his defining album. Ever since the start of 2010, Ross has been recording Teflon Don. He said that this album would be the top album of the year and that it would be critically-acclaimed. Diddy was able to work with him and he compared him to Biggie.

On his previous album, Rick Ross gave the fans a walkthrough as he recorded the album. In the end, the album sold moderately well and was met with positive reviews. Rick Ross plans to do a lot more than duplicate those results with this album. Instead of telling everything about this album, Ross will keep things to himself.

For Teflon Don, Rick Ross said that the fans should expect a lot of surprises. The first single, "Super High," with Ne-Yo has been released and Ross has promised a Jay-Z collaboration. Ross said that the album has a nice lineup of guests and more surprises are on the way. But, he has decided to leave it at that.


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