Wednesday, April 21, 2010

Scarface hypes up Comeback Album

Three years ago, Scarface returned to the game with what was his final album. Led by the hit single, "Girl You Know," Scarface appeared to leave the game on top. However, he would later reveal that he had been bullied by his label. That was his main reason for retirement.

Despite Scarface vowing to never return to the rap game, there have been rumors of a comeback album. In 2008, however, he would return with another "final" album. A two-year hiatus would take place. Those two years have been filled with comeback rumors.

Later this year, Scarface hopes to deliver to the world his twelfth album, Under Oath. He said that this album will change the game forever. The theme has been described as originally beautiful. It will be led by a mixtape, Dopeman Music, both releases will come off of his own label.

Scarface has planned to dominate the airwaves during the summer of 2010.


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