Tuesday, April 27, 2010

Shyne hits back at Haters

Fresh out of prison, Shyne is ready to begin the second phase of his career. He rose to fame, late in the 1990s, based off of his deep, smooth delivery. Many people felt that he was the future of hip hop. A chance fight at the club robbed the hip hop community of what could have been.

In 2004, Shyne attempted to re-launch his career from behind bars. He released the single, "Jimmy Choo" featuring Ashanti and his album Godfather Buried Alive. The quality of the album was poor and few people purchased the album. For the next five years, Shyne paitently waited for his comeback.

Free from the cells, Shyne has sought to change his style. Hardcore Shyne fans were very disappointed in his new style and he was taunted by Lloyd Banks. Along with his return to the game comes a renewal of the feud Shyne had with 50 Cent around the release of his last album.

Finally, Shyne has responded to the critics. He said that he does not care how many copies his next album sells, he is sticking to the reinvention. Shyne said that he expected the people to be happy when they heard his new style. The reason he felt that way was because his new lyrics were coming from the heart. He went on to say that he was comfortable with the change in his style and that he cannot give the fans the Shyne of old because he has changed.


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