Wednesday, May 19, 2010

Game's "R.E.D. Album" pushed back

Ever since he reunited with Dr. Dre to work on the long-awaited Detox album, Game has taken a page out of Dr. Dre's playbook. He has had multiple set release dates for The R.E.D. Album. Initially due in December of 2009, with June around the corner in 2010, the album still has more time to wait.

The album was first pushed back so Dr. Dre could do some work to the album. But, because he had to focus on other projects, Dr. Dre had to leave the project. In his place, Dre recruited Pharrell, who Game has become very close with. All of the sounds on this album have led to the album being delayed several times.

After the March 23 release date came and went without an album, Game was pushed back until June 15. He was supposed to go head-to-head with Drake, but Drake was pushed back to June 22. Soon, Game found himself saddled with the June 29 release date. However, the album has been pushed back one more time to July 6, 2010.

Game is currently pushing the single, "Ain't No Doubt About It," on the radio. The album will be released through Aftermath Entertainment, Black Wall Street Records, Star Trak Entertainment, and Interscope.


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