Wednesday, May 19, 2010

Jae Millz gets arrested in New York

Recently, a domestic dispute Jae Millz and his girlfriend landed the Harlem rapper behind bars. Details about exactly what happened are sketchy at this point. While the story says Millz was arrested for a domestic dispute, Millz argues he was arrested for having an illegal substance.

As the situation was going on, Jae Millz took to his Twitter. The message stated he could not believe this woman was calling the cops on him. He later adds the woman is calling the cops to him in his own house. A few minutes later, Millz posts he is getting arrested. Millz said he was arrested for substance, but others were behind bars due to women.

There is still no clarity on what happened to land Jae Millz behind bars, but the rapper is out now. Later today, Jae Millz plans to release the official music video for his new single. The song is the first release off of his new mixtape, He Still Nasty.


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