Monday, June 14, 2010

Diddy has to wait Even Longer for the "Last Train"

Following the release of Press Play, Diddy began working on a new album. Outside of running his businesses, Diddy was recording the second We Invented The Remix album. The release date for the album was supposed to be on December 18, 2007. However, the release date came and went.

Towards the end of 2008, Diddy announced he was preparing to begin working on a concept album. In April 2009, Diddy announced he was retiring from the game. With everything going on, Diddy wanted to develop a reliable star for Bad Boy. The artist he chose to lead the next generation of Bad Boy Records was Red Cafe.

Diddy put Red Cafe to work on his debut album and he began recording an album called Last Train to Paris. Initially, the album was supposed to be released during the fall of 2009. In September 2009, an official statement came from Diddy. He announced he had opened a new distribution deal with Atlantic Records.

Because of this new deal, Last Train to Paris was pushed back to April 2010. Diddy tried to release new singles from the album, but they were not well-received by the fans. This led to the album being pushed back to an indefinite release date. With no release date and no pressure, Diddy went into the studio and recorded when he felt like it. The product of his no pressure approach was the single, "Angels," with Dirty Money. The song gained a bit of radio play and the Rick Ross-assisted remix became a minor hit.

The album has been set for a June release date, but it was pushed back to a July date. From the July release date, Last Train to Paris is currently set for a September 20, 2010 release date. The album was initially planned for release in September 2009. Last Train to Paris will be released through Bad Boy Records with distribution from Interscope Records.


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