Monday, June 14, 2010

Fabolous investigated for Murder of G-Baby

New York rapper, G-Baby, was said to have a longstanding feud with Fabolous. According to G-Baby's mother, their feud was supposed to be resolved. With no more issues, Fabolous offered to hook G-Baby up as his opening act for a local concert. When G-Baby was shot, he was said to be heading over to Fabolous' car, which was parked across from his house. But, as he approached the car, he was shot three times and killed on sight.

Long before he was ever a rapper, Fabolous was on the streets of Brooklyn, New York. Like many other people from the borough, he witnessed crime on a daily basis. With no male figure in his life, Fabolous roamed the streets. Because his family was poor, Fabolous sold drugs for a living. While selling drugs, he made enemies.

G-Baby was signed to Memphis Bleek's Get Low label and tried to run when he realized an attempt on his life was being made. However, as he ran, the gunmen chased him down and killed him. G-Baby has become the second member of the Get Low crew to die this year. Ten people witnessed the killing. It was said the rapper ran in front of Fabolous' van and collapsed to his death. Fabolous' men allegedly had the body moved so Fabolous and his crew could vacate the premises. Currently, Fabolous is under investigation by the NYPD to see if he had a role in the shooting.


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