Thursday, August 12, 2010

Bun B wants to shoot "Trill OG" video with Drake

By Bryan Shaw
Hip Hop Vibe Contributing Writer

Bun B has been a popular name in hip hop ever since his days on the yacht with Jay-Z. He has poured in a few hits and he reunites with Jigga from time-to-time. Recently, he has been working with newcomer, Drake, and the two have bonded. Bun B has vocals on Thank Me Later, the debut album from Drake.

Outside of that small collaboration, Bun B and Drake have teamed up for three songs. Last month, Bun traveled to Canada to open for Drake at the OVO Fest. He had planned to do a video with Drake following the performance. But, due to his high demand, Drake had to be out of town right after the show.

Determined, Bun B still has plans to film a video for all three songs he has recorded with Drake. Bun B wants to create a video for all the songs off Trill OG. Realizing it is easier said than done, Bun B has decided it would be best for him to film as many videos as he could off the album. The song off the album making the most noise is his Drake assisted "Put It Down" and Bun definitely wants a video for it.


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